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Where’s the value in a smart blood pressure monitor?

smart blood pressure trend

smart blood pressure trend measurement

So we’ve all heard the varied stories on these; some people love these things and other think they are not much different from a classic old-style blood pressure device. We wanted to write up a few thoughts on where the value of these things lies.  And if you are hypertensive, pre-hypertensive of just want to be proactive about your health/genetic predisposition then read on.   It’s not just a price comparison, that would be an apples-and-oranges comparison.  In this case, apples and giraffes because they are that different!  There’s a lot of value in a smart blood pressure monitor and it’s not really but is beyond the single measurement,  it’s about the long term trend collection.  Here are some real life examples to illustrate the point.

1) The value is in the long-term trend data… your own or a family member’s (see first iPhone screen shot)
I had a situation where I had a family member who was using a smart blood pressure monitor and was traveling to a different part of the world from his doctor. I was able to gather the pressure chart data from this smart blood pressure monitor device through an iPhone, which made it into an Excel spreadsheet and then was able to forward this along to my family cardiologist. The net result was I was able to get medication changed within the space of 35 minutes, 3 emails and without a single voice conversation! To me, that starts to sound transformation, individual specific and less statistically reliant.  Is Mobile health or tele-medicine really becoming main stream? Even though this is a small example, we certainly think so.

2) Reducing inaccuracies by relying on doctors’ offices or one off measurements.

Some of you may have already heard of this phenomenon called white-coat hypertension. The idea is when you’re in the doctors office you may measure higher than you would ordinarily other settings, such as in the comfort of your own home. If you think about it, it makes sense; you’re running around all day perhaps late for the appointment or trying to squeeze in a doctors visit in middle of a busy day so it’s not unlikely that have the outcome of registering higher. One more thing with these devices, not only do you get daily trend data day, but you can also set the thing that show measurements only that were taken in the morning or at night (or you can look at both – see screen shot).  Most would tell you the morning measurements are most accurate.  Guess what though, if you’re taking in a lot of salt or not drinking enough fluids during the day you’ll start to see that trend in your BP.  Again, the point is you’re arming yourself and your doctor with so much more accurate and granular data which may result in a medication change, may result in not starting on an uneccessary drug as the cause for your BP may be apparent and attributable to diet or lifestyle.

All these may seem like nice-to-have little features. But the big so-what is, you’re thinking about titrating your medication or changing medication this data will be invaluable to your doctor and long term care.

smart blood pressure am pmsmart blood pressure weight integration

3) Weight tracking integration

If you’re looking attack blood pressure measurement and weight goals together one thing to consider is a give these devices often integrate with a wireless weighing scale as well.  Some of these products, like the Withings wireless scale and the smart blood pressure measurement all integrated into the same apps integrated together. Another nice feature is you can get  Facebook or social media integration if you want the broader engagement or support from your network take a look at the screenshot.

4) Alarm driven measurement These devices can also set off  alarms and reminders for you to check her blood pressure the given point in time during the day or at night.  The integration then taking you from the alarm or reminder to actually taking your blood pressure measurement is kind of nice but at the same time this feature by itself is not a groundbreaker.

So there you have it, four features or use cases  that make a really good case for a smart blood pressure monitor. We felt that this would be  informative to those of you that are looking at these devices. Please be sure to leave comments or questions that you may have and what your experiences may have been.  You might also want to look at the devices we have on site for smart blood pressure monitors and wireless scales.

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